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Now In Very Affordable Bundle Price of 990 AED

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1 SL1000 Main Pabx unit Plus three 12key digital phones

SV8100 DT700 - Digital Phone

SV8100 DT400 - Digital Phone

12key Digital Phone - White

24key Digital Phone - Black

12 key digital phone - black

12key Digital Phone - Black

SL1000 60key Digital Console

Office Telephone Systems

We have a wide range of office telephone systems be it IP phone, Digital Phone, or Analog Phones. Brands from NEC, AVAYA, Panasonic and many, many more that we might not have enough space. We also try to provide the best price to our customers when it comes to our PABX phones especially in bulk orders.

Our Technicians

Our Expert PABX technicians are always at a ready to assist you. From changing the minor settings of your PABX unit or assigning an extension phone to specific office or location, up to major office telephone system installation. It doesn't matter as our technician adequately equipment with knowledge and expertise to get the job done.

Sales and Orders

From the get go Soyuz Tec strive to become the leader in the business. We always make it a point that customer should have to best of both worlds as possible. This is the reason that our sales will always accommodate you with a smile but you will be offered with the best price. Every customer counts. You are important to us.

NEC SL1000 Hybrid PABX for Home Office And Small to Medium Enterprise Communication System

If you are setting up an office or even if you already an business office and is looking forward on to having  a reliable office telephone system. You're thinking about a very good pabx phone system that will work flawlessly within your expectation. Features like music-on-hold, call transfer, call logging, call monitoring, voicemail, after-work voice response system, caller ID and many, many more. Now, with all those feautures you might be thinking that you will end up paying too much or it'll cost a lot. 

With SL1000 hybrid PABX, all those features you can have at a very reasonably low price. We start with our bundle offer which will cost you 990 AED. It comes with the NEC SL1000 Pabx and 3 units of 12 key digital phones. By default,  the NEC SL1000 is configured for 4 trunk lines and 8 extensions but it can be expanded to 32  by using NEC SL1000 BE110250 IP4WW-408E-A1 extension  card & trunk card  or NEC SL1000 BE110251 IP4WW 008E-A1 extension card. A lot more can be added like a voicemail card or a memory card.

There are 12 key and 24 key  pabx phones both in digital and IP based configurations available  you to use. Our Pabx Technicians will be able to set up for you if needed.  Please call our sales team through 04-269-3234 or email us at [email protected]

Sl1000 main pabx unit

SL1000 Hybrid PABX

SV8100 Univerge - Solution for SME with advance communications requirements

PABX phone for your office? or you to want to buy a landline phone? This could be the perfect solution for you. If you already have an existing telephone system in Dubai and you're looking for NEC PABX that can handle your requirements then SV8100 is the right communication server that you are looking for. SV8100  is the next level up from NEC SL1000 phone system or pbx phone system. 

NEC SV8100 can handle  any advance requirement you might need in the future as your business grow.  You can interchange its handset design. VoiP and Traditional Voice Support. 

NEC Trunks Cards or Blades are also available. We have a wide range of PBX phones for you to choose from.

NEC SV8100 Univerge

SV8100 Univerge

installation and configuration- NEC sl1000 built-in functions

Installation and Configuration

PABX system installation is done by our experienced technicians who underwent NEC telephone systems training. Our PBX technicians are more than capable of configuring and setting up your PABX telephone systems on-site or remotely programming your pabx or  phone system via team viewer. 

Programming your auto-response system, voicemail, making all the extensions of your office telephone systems work, not only for NEC PABX systems but also for other brands as well. For example, Avaya,  Grandstream, Panasonic, LG, and other well know pabx telephone systems. 

Our PABX technicians constantly upgrade and update themselves of the new technology and the ever changing platform of electronic communication system and IP telephony. So, If you are looking for a PBX technician to fix your telephone handset, pbx phones, if your thinking of buying a landline phone for your office telephone systems, just give us a call. 

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