Let say you’re buying a Digital Phone or an NEC PABX systems  but you are too busy to go around Dubai or in the surrounding emirates. Basically, you don’t have enough time to go into each and every store  to look for it so the natural course of action is to surf the web and check out online stores.

That’s what I would do if I’m going to be in your shoes. Honestly, almost all of us ought to do considering the traffic and weather conditions in Dubai or UAE.

There are lots of electronics shops who are offering or selling PABX Systems,  small business office telephone systems, call-center  telephone system set-up online but few are selling it out in the best price. That’s reason why Soyuz Tec  existed. It’s to offer you the best price in the region.

Now, let’s say that you already made your purchase and time to decide to answer the W’s of shipping or delivering of the items.  Some people are finding it hard and difficult but some people find it very easy. Of course, we normally think of it beforehand. Anyway, the reason that I wrote this blog is to give you a rundown of how we are doing it here in Soyuz Tec.

Let me go back to the process of purchasing an item with Soyuz Tec Trading. Unlike big e-commerce websites in the UAE where clients can directly purchase and choose an item on-line and have it delivered to them automatically. It’s the typical way how a general trading or general e-commerce store operates. With its large clients base and stock inventory at a ready for disposal and delivery in one click of a button. We’re talking about only inside the UAE.

However, At Soyuz Tec Trading we are doing it a little bit different. It’s the same idea and concept but with a touch of the basics. We are still doing it the analog way. Let me give you an example. Okay, let say that you purchase a Peplink Load Balancer or a Ruckus wireless access point. But you also want to buy an SV8100 Univerge Communication Server or maybe a Furuno Fish Finder or chart plotter and then as an additional purchase, you want to include 500 meters of LMR 400 low loss coaxial cable from Times Microwave Systems. Anyway, have I mentioned that we are the Times Microwave Systems exclusive distributor in the Middle East or GCC? If not, then that’s additional information for you.

Going back to the situation I cited above, All in all you purchased four items. Let’s say  load balancer, an SV8100, Furuno Fish Finder and a roll of LMR Coaxial cables. One of each. These items are not of the same size and weights, obviously. If you purchased all of these items in one of prestigious online store, you will be charged separately for each items if the items came from different suppliers. Lucky for you if all of those items comes from only one supplier or merchant. It means that you are going to pay a shipping fee each or individually for the items you ordered. Some might cost you around 12 AED for small items. Anyway, it’s the standard shipping fee they will charge you for small items. For big or large items, it  may cost hundreds of dirhams more.

With us, however; you will save a lot. I assure you that. Going back to the W’s you need ask or the options that we’re going to give you, is very important. First you need to know WHERE  do you want to have the items delivered. Second, WHAT mode of delivery do you want to use. You may choose a courier of your own where your company had been using for a long time or we will recommend one for  you. And the third, is pick-up. Yes, you can pick the items  up. Soyuz Tec trading is located along Abu Baker Al Siddique Road. It’s one of the major roads in Dubai and We have a good drop off/ pick up area and a parking space as well.

This way not only that you’ll save some money but you are also in control of the time. I said it, because there are times that you cannot rely on some of the courier services. Sad it may seems but it’s the truth specially when time and schedule is critical.

Anyway, the bottom line is our sales team will provide you with the best options for you to choose from. We believe that through it,  we are offering our customers good customer service and value for business. Don’t be afraid to talk to us. Our sales team. Call us a 04-269-3234 or email [email protected]. I assure that your business will taken care ASAP and professionally.

I hope that you enjoy reading my first blog. Thanks!!